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Ashiana is currently conducting research on domestic violence and South Asian women in conjunction with the Survey and Statistical Research Canter. The research, funded by National Lottery Charity Board, will be completed by the end of year 2001.

The Context

There has been a growth in the number of refuges for Asian women and their children in Britain. Although all women suffering domestic violence share similarities in their experiences, the dimension of culture and racism may present further difficulties for South Asian women.

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Key Research Objectives

The primary objectives of this research are to investigate
the range of support options available to South Asian women who are the victims of domestic violence;
the types of provision that the women believe they need;
whether or not the needs of the women are being adequately met.

Methods and approach

Stage One - The literature review

The main findings from the literature review are:

The responses of statutory agencies are often inadequate. Many refrain from intervention for fear of being perceived as being racist. Multiculturalism has been used as a means of ignoring the rights and dignity of South Asian women.
The fear of being rejected by one's own community as well as the internalized notion of honor and shame and fear of retaliation makes it harder for these women to seek help.
Many South Asian women who flee from domestic violence are fleeing from family violence. Intolerable restrictions on their choices and future are imposed by their own family (often with threats of physical violence, emotional, verbal and physical abuse).

Stage Two - The Women's Experiences

An initial contact with women in a refuge will be followed by one further interview a month later.

Stage Three - Review of Provision

The research will also involve interviews with refuge managers/support staff to identify the range of support that is available.




Stage Four - Analysis of the Results

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