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Asian Women's Refuge

Ashiana is an Asian women's refuge, located in South Yorkshire, UK. Run by women who understand the cultural background and specific needs of Asian women, we offer advice, support and safe accommodation to women and children fleeing violence and abuse in the home.

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We understand that violence in the home takes many forms, mental, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and we believe no women should be subject to domestic abuse. We support women who have experienced all kinds of abuse in escaping from the violence and rebuilding their lives.

Ashiana is open to all black women but we prioritize Asian women and we also give priority to women with children. If you suffer domestic abuse at home or would like to help someone escaping from violence, please contact us. Maybe you want to lead an independent and violence free life. Maybe you just need to talk to someone in confidence. Maybe you are worried about your neighbor or friend. In any case, we can provide help which will make the difference. We are here to support Asian and black women experiencing domestic violence. And we guarantee complete confidentiality.

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