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Our Aims and Beliefs

Ashiana aims to provide Asian women and children, who have experienced violence, with a safe supportive environment in which they can make their own decisions on how to rebuild their lives away from their abusers. We also aim to raise the profile of Asian women by recognizing that we, as Asian women, are strong and can lead our lives as we want to.

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We endeavor to highlight Asian women and children's needs to other agencies and will challenge racist and sexist practices in organizations that offer direct provision to Asian women and children.

We believe that no man has the right to abuse women using sexual, mental and/or physical violence. We also believe that women do not lie about violence. We do not question their feelings and experiences of oppression.

We believe in empowering women to make their own choices, we do not influence their decisions.

We do not discriminate on grounds of caste, religion, sexuality, race, age, disability or class.

We believe in offering a service that concentrates wholly on the needs of women & children. Therefore we will not pass on messages from family or friends, thus avoiding any pressure or conflict of interest for the woman


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